LED & Floral Letters

Guaranteed to make a statement regardless of your theme or venue.

All prices are based on a 50-mile radius from Jarrow and are subject to a £50 delivery/collection charge. Any bookings further than 50 miles are priced on the application.


Rustic Mr & Mrs Letters motif underlining

4-foot rustic Mr and Mrs LED letter with ivory, £250

Mr and Mrs wooden 4 foot tall letters with LED lights in front of a window at the Willows at the woodmans venue

Floral Letters motif underlining

4 ft white rose Mr & Mrs Letters, £250

Mrs & Mrs floral also available

White floral 4 foot letters along a window at the swan at streatley wedding venue. at the right side of them is a white blossom tree with hanging baubles on a white pillar

‘LOVE’ Letters motif underlining

5 ft LED LOVE Letters £200

5 foot LED letters spelling the word love. The letter O is a heart.

They go above and beyond to match exactly what you would like for your special day. They offer advice, which is amazing to hear from someone with experience especially with our venue, as they know what will work well. They have so many options for each decoration, so there is a big variety to match any theme. They were so reassuring throughout the whole process and extremely good with communication so I felt in very good hands!